SushanthBobby About me

Hello, I'm Sushanth

Welcome to my website. I am a z/OS Db2 DBA and this website is all about my Off-Host HOME Projects & Tests. Here you will find articles related to.

Db2 articles
Db2 terms wiki
Short definitions of frequently used Db2 terms
Explain Statement
Basics on how to analyze SQLs and details on essential explain tables and columns.
Regular Expression
Details & how to use Regular Expression in Db2 z/OS.
SQL Performance tricks
Some of SQL performance trick which i have learned.
mySQL articles
Explain Statement
Very Very Basic on how to analyze SQLs.
User-defined variables
How to define variables and use them in SELECT queries
Backup & Recovery
Basics on setting up Backup & Recovery .bat jobs in windows for mySQL
Java articles
Data structures
Basics on Java in-built data structure objects
How to create static files using templates
Java & JSON
How to handle and manipulate JSON Objects in Java
Basics on how to scrape information of a site
web articles
My favourite colors & useful sites on colors
List of my favourite fonts & how to use them in websites
How useful Datatable can be for simple things.
Some for CSS stuff which found useful
Cloud articles(in-progress)
Website hosting
How to host a static website using Google Clouds
Simple Cloud Pricing & Comparisons
python articles(in-progress)
python in Windows
How to run a simple python program in windows & getting started on Eclipse pyDev
quandl articles(in-progress)
quandl basics
How to get data from quandl
Data extraction using java
How to use java to extract data from quandl
Stocks articles(in-progress)
Stocks Wiki
Frequently use terms in Financial Statements
Market Analysis
Indian stock market daily analysis
... articles(in-progress)
Funny thing about, I wanted to create website with name after finding there is a domain with .xyz